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Prevention of certain health ailments

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Consider three cases of human impairment. Causes of ailments and ways to prevent and treat them.

Блог #61 | Health is very important


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Three tips for keeping you healthy.
This is a helpful read.




Блог #61. The human back. Figure from MatchFixingBet.Ru


Chronic back pain was probably
common long before the current
sedentary lifestyle in urbanised
societies, say researchers at the
University of Toulouse, France.

They looked into the types of pain
experienced by the Tsimané, an
Amazonian forager-horticultural
group, who they believe are a
good proxy for the way humans
lived before the Industrial Revolution.

Respondents said pain was
common, and generally caused
by the hard labour they did.

The researchers say this indicates
chronic back pain is not just a result
of a “mismatch” between how our
bodies originally evolved and the
lifestyles we live now.



Блог #61. Women's breasts in a bra. Figure from MatchFixingBet.Ru


Healthy lifestyle changes can prevent
cancer returning, say researchers
from Roswell Park Comprehensive
Cancer Centre, New York State.

They looked at the medical records of
1340 women with high-risk breast
cancer and found those who stuck
to the recommended lifestyle
changes were 37% less likely to
see the disease return and 58% less
likely to die than women who did
not adopt changes that included
increasing physical activity, eating
more fruit and veges, reducing
red and processed meat, cutting
back on sugary drinks and
alcohol, and quitting smoking.



Блог #61. Attack of mosquitoes. Figure from MatchFixingBet.Ru


If you’re a mosquito magnet,
it could be your natural smell
combined with your soap, say
researchers at Virginia Tech, US.

The team compared the attractiveness
to mosquitoes of unwashed
participants and those who used
four diff erent soap brands.

Despite all the
soaps containing limonene,
a known repellent, two brands
increased the attractiveness of
some volunteers while another
tended to repel mosquitoes.

Their recommendation is to use
coconut soap to keep them at bay.

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