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Artist's fears, preferences and limitations

Очередной выпуск моего авторского Блога. 
Let's talk about the Grant Gilsdorf style of painting

Блог #47 | Beautiful alchemy in Grant Gilsdorf's imagery


Блог #47. Balanced, oil on linen. Картина от MatchFixingBet.Ru


Radically Human


Working with his reference to develop a concept, Grant
Gilsdorf imbues his paintings with narrative and meaning


I.A. has always been
reserved as a space for artists to
learn from one another. Readers get to
experience first-hand stories and tips
from the peers whom they admire.

While a discussion of tools and materials
can be important, there is another entity
that will require consideration from
every artist—our relationship with the
inevitability of art created by artificial


Блог #47. Inner Fire, oil on ACM. The Reckoning, oil on canvas. Картина от MatchFixingBet.Ru


What seems more akin to a work of
science fiction is quickly becoming a
common fabric of our reality. There are
numerous computer programs written to
quickly cross reference all recorded data
points throughout history and generate
mathematically accurate original images
that rival or even supersede a human’s
ability to do the same. And yes, artists
are quick to point out the fact that
AI-created imagery is bound to digital
confinements and could never match the
experience of viewing artwork created
by hand. While that may be true,
any dismissal of AI’s artistic potential
is dangerous and naive. Instead, we
must begin to understand how we, as
human artists, will coexist alongside this
potential behemoth.

Please allow me the opportunity to
share my ponderings and explain where
I see my personal artwork situated in

If indeed AI artwork may threaten
the value of human-created art, then we
have no other option than to counter
it with what I call being “radically
human.” Where AI comes up short
is in its ability to match the human
capacity for authenticity, spontaneity
and ultimately, our vulnerability. Going
forward, your artwork will require
something of yourself. It will require
that you are inserted into the DNA of
your work.

Your personal preferences will matter.
Your fears will matter. Your limitations
will matter.

The beautiful alchemy of all these
seemingly disparate parts of you are
what comes together to make your
artwork your own. And while AI will
use its algorithms to try and match your
mixture, it may never understand the
final and most important ingredient:
meaning. Your art must carry meaning
as we move forward. Edward Hopper
was a bit clairvoyant when he stated, “If
you could say it in words, there would
be no reason to paint.” If AI-generated
art spawns from a sequence of word-
based prompts, then our aim as humans
must be to transcend those mere words
and tap into something much deeper…
the human experience.


Блог #47. Radically Human. Картина от MatchFixingBet.Ru


My mission to imbue my paintings
with meaning has been at the forefront
of my artwork over the last few years. It
is my intent to use my ability to render
paintings in hyper realism, to create
compositions that touch on emotionally
resonant truths and explore the big
questions of our human experience. I
strive to create artwork that challenges
the viewer to venture beyond just
appreciating something pretty.
I want my art to move and provoke the viewer
through an intersection of unease and
beauty. Life, as we understand it, dances
on the continuum between both of
those dichotomous pillars.

I always aim to depict my chosen
topics in a way that may connect with
the viewer on a simple and primal
level, and through an aesthetic that
withstands the test of time rather than
one rooted in a specific place or era.
The work, the materials, the tools, they
all matter. But the thing upon which I
place the greatest importance is always
the meaning of the piece.

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