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"Non-Motif" as a Modern Art Theme

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What is a "Non-Motif"? Where to look for inspiration or photo art insight comes by itself?..

Блог #43 | James Gurney explores subjects that are all around us but rarely painted


Блог #43. Supermarket Portrait, casein. Picture от MatchFixingBet.Ru




James Gurney explores subjects that are
all around us but rarely painted


When I go looking for a subject to
paint, sometimes a scene jumps
right out at me, but most of the time I
have to hunt for it.


Блог #43. Highway 209 Overpass. Picture от MatchFixingBet.Ru


I often start with a preconception of
what I’m looking for, especially when
I’m away from home. Typically my mind
conjures the familiar “postcard view” of a
given region, based on picture ideas that
have proven successful for other artists.

Classic artistic motifs include such
things as fishing boats, Venetian canals,
red barns, floral bouquets, majestic peaks
or crashing waves on rocky coastlines.


Блог #43. Sunset at the Super 8, gouache. Picture от MatchFixingBet.Ru


I’m not criticizing these subjects or anyone
who paints them; in fact I’ve painted my
share of them. The problem is that when
we see paintings of those subjects, we
sort of tune them out and keep walking,
unless the artist can come up with
something really original.

omething really original.
I have to traverse all that territory
in my mind before I can find a


Блог #43. What is Non-Motif? Picture от MatchFixingBet.Ru



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