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England are winning at Euro 2024 so far

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European Football Championship 2024: England soccer fans celebrate their victory over Serbia in German beer pubs in Gelsenkirchen

Блог #142 | England's post-match festivities

Victory Pints:
English Fans Drink Beer
in Gelsenkirchen After Win


The 2024 European Football Championship has been nothing short of exhilarating so far, with intense matches and passionate fans filling the stadiums.

But it was the English fans who truly stole the show in Gelsenkirchen after their team's 1-0 victory over Serbia.

Блог #142. 
England fans drink beer on the streets of Gelsenkirchen. Foto by MatchFixingBet.Ru

As the final whistle blew, the streets of Gelsenkirchen erupted with cheers and celebrations, and the English fans wasted no time in heading to the nearest pub to continue the party.

With pints of German beer in hand, the drunken English fans took over the pub, singing and chanting in celebration of their team's win.

But not everyone was pleased with their rowdy behavior, as tensions rose between the English and Serbian fans, leading to a pub brawl that resulted in the intervention of the German police and a few handcuffs.

However, for the English fans, the victory and the drunken debauch were all worth it.


From Stadium to Pub -
A March of Triumph

As the excitement from England's 1-0 win over Serbia continued to pulsate through the air, English fans began their victorious journey from the stadium to the local pubs of Gelsenkirchen.

The streets were awash with red and white, as chants of victory and national anthems reverberated off the buildings.

Блог #142. 
An England flag, a ball and a beer. Foto by MatchFixingBet.Ru

The procession felt like a carnival, with fans draped in flags, wearing painted faces, and some even donning lion costumes to symbolize the English team's mascot.

The atmosphere was electric, a moving mass of jubilation that drew curious glances and occasional cheers from bystanders. Along the way, German locals peeked from their windows and doorways, witnessing the spectacle of English camaraderie and spirit. Some joined in, clapping and offering high-fives, creating a unique camaraderie among nations. This march of triumph wasn't just a walk; it was a parade celebrating not only a football victory but also the love of the game that transcends borders. Upon arrival at the pubs, the fans' chants grew louder, ready to transition their outdoor celebration to an indoor festivity, with the promise of German beer to toast their team's success.


Reflecting on
a Night to Remember

As the revelry dwindled and the dawn light began to creep over Gelsenkirchen, English fans, some still nursing their last pints of the night, found moments of quiet reflection amidst the echoes of their celebrations.

The victory over Serbia, marked by the shared experience in the pubs and streets, became more than just a win; it was a testament to the enduring spirit and camaraderie of soccer fans.

Блог #142. 
Euro 2024 and a bottle of whisky. Foto by MatchFixingBet.Ru

The occasional clinking glasses in the background served as a reminder of the unity and joy that football can bring, transcending nationalities and rivalries.

While the night was marred by brief instances of discord, the overwhelming sentiment was one of collective triumph and a profound appreciation for the beautiful game.

As they gathered their belongings and exchanged stories and laughter, the English fans in Gelsenkirchen knew they were part of something memorable.

The morning light didn't just signal the end of a night but illuminated the beginning of many tales they would carry home - tales of victory, friendship, and unforgettable German hospitality.

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