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Operating modes of cellular phones

Очередной выпуск моего авторского Блога.
Why do some governors sometimes ask their people to turn off their phones? Let's talk about that... When and why should you turn off your cell phones?

Блог #124 | How to turn telephones on and off


Блог #124. 
People talk on their phones. Photo by MatchFixingBet.Ru





"The phones have all been removed!"
This phrase has become a catchphrase and will become tightly fused with the name of the Orenburg governor Pasler, I think. However... What, by the way, I will formulate a little later.
In the meantime, about how “they drowned.”


The phones have all been removed!


When behind the trouble for you there are not just abstract figures of rising water levels and flooded households, but specific people whom you know well, then everything that happens appears in a completely different context. Orenburg is a wonderful city that I love very much. My friends live there. They are also in Orsk.
And if so, then you are no longer just distantly leafing through the reports, but you are worried, looking at these frames and numbers, you write to your friends and wait for an answer, you are glad that everything is fine with them so far, and you wish them luck. What can they rely on other than luck and their own ingenuity? Not on Pasler!

He was sent from the Sverdlovsk region. And if now they think that he failed his job, they will not send him away with a wolf ticket on all four sides, but will move him horizontally within the Vertical to another good warm place - even with a tarnished reputation.

Блог #124. 
People floating in a big pool. Photo by MatchFixingBet.Ru

This story perfectly shows one simple thing: Pasler and his colleagues from all the flooded (and in general from all!) regions have only one real voter. The one person who truly chooses them all. These governors do not depend in any way on the opinions, emotions and protests of the residents of their subjects. Because there is no cause-and-effect relationship between these people and a specific official in the governor’s post. President Paslera put it in - President Paslera will remove it. Or it won't remove it. And this will happen not because the people were indignant, but due to a combination of other considerations - purely instrumental, within the framework of checks and balances of “towers” and groups.

Pasler told people that he even canceled his vacation and did not change his shirt before meeting with them. I informed about this to those who lost property, housing - everything in general. And this clearly demonstrated where the abscissa axis is and where the ordinate axis is. Even in such a situation, the governor felt like a master. Citizens are not those who hired you and pay you a salary from their taxes, but subordinates. Hand on heart, without all these people life would be even better, calmer. But they are fussing around here, making noise, taking out phones.

The phones were never turned off at the meeting with Pasler. That is why we saw these wonderful shots. In this sense, the residents of Orsk are great. They have the right to film - and they do. But their indignation should not be overestimated either. Not the first time.

How did the year start? From the freezing Moscow region! Not some kind of wilderness, but a metropolitan region. Where the heating was turned off like a fan and people sat in the cold without heat, danced in circles in the yard by the fire and recorded videos of the Kremlin. Spontaneously realizing that there would be no sense in all the intermediate levels of power. Then it was not Governor Vorobyov who was made extreme, but the head of the boiler house in Klimovsk. Several thousand people even signed a petition for him later. Because the man in this boiler room spent several days day and night, trying to somehow save the situation, the severity of which he warned everyone in advance, but no one listened to him. The matter ended in the usual way. The frosts receded, the pipes were somehow patched, and then spring came.
And the people who appealed to the president came to the polling stations and voted as expected, without error! Bashkiria also showed excellent results in the elections. It was there in mid-January that thousands of people protested in Baymak. Such that we had to urgently gather state employees in Ufa for a rally in support of the head of the region, Radiy Khabirov. Khabirov, by the way, once headed Krasnogorsk near Moscow. This is how they move around the “globe” of the Russian Federation. The Bashkir protests did not lead to anything. And some time later, people from the competent authorities began to come for their particularly active participants. The organs have good vision, hearing, and memory... And this is all just to the thought with which I began the text. The phrase about telephones should forever stick to Denis Pasler, but it can be forgotten just as easily as the words of that official who told citizens that it doesn’t matter that there is no light on the streets - it’s light because of the snow! In our memory, the only person who really suffered for his stupid words was the late Kuzbass governor Tuleyev, whose entire behavior after the tragedy in “Winter Cherry” was a complete disgrace and even an apology to Putin did not help him.

Блог #124. 
The man is the boss. Photo by MatchFixingBet.Ru

But you still don’t need to put away your phones!

“The mole of history digs slowly,” and these photographs and the words spoken will remain in history and will fall into both the portfolio and the karma of those who uttered them...

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